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Annual Hopkinton Run
Club No. 87
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24th Annual
Run from Hopkinton

February 25, 2018


(Total Runners = 30)
(Participant names will be updated as they become available)

Please email us here if you plan to run!

HHS Runners (21) Guest Runners (9)

Sally Dupere **

Marlene O'Donnell (18-20)

Jim Carroll (10-12)

SangYong Joo (16)

Errol Yudelman (18-22)

John Leeth (16)

Emily Legere (21.4) **

Ernst TerHaar

Fumito Ichinose **

Jack Wozek (21.4)

Liam Malanaphy

Julie Farago (17) **

Chuck Hagedorn **

Allen Downey (16)

Larry McNally

Tom Lawrence (20)
Mike Amster **
Rich Maltz (16) **
Brian Miller (18-20)
Mike McLaughlin (16)
Kevin Shaughnessy (20)














Mike Higgins (20)  ** (guest of Jim C.)

Rey Martinez (guest of Liam M.)

Sam David (guest of Liam M.)

Julie Gillis (15) (guest of Emily L.)

Claude Meliarenne (guest of Liam M.)

Kevin Malanaphy (guest of Liam M.)

Caroline Turner ** (guest of Larry M.)

Mike Turner **(guest of Larry M.)

Kevin Malanaphy (guest of Liam M.)

** = To be picked up at St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts at 7:00 am (10 runners/volunteers)

** = Does not need a ride out to Hopkinton (1 runner)

= Starting at the 8 mile mark

* = Drop off at Rte. 495 in Hopkinton


General Information:

The HHS Run from Hopkinton is a point-to-point vehicle-supported Boston Marathon simulation training run for HHS members and their guests.

Runners may elect to run distances of up to 22 miles. If you are an HHS member and wish to run or volunteer email here.

The 4 principal Support Vehicles will provide runner support/fluids at the following mile markers: 2,4,6,8,11,14,18, and 22 for all runners averaging between 7:00 and 13:00 minutes/mile.

Pace Info: Runners averaging quicker than 7 minutes/mile or more than 13 minutes/mile will be supported by Front of the Field & Back of the Field Rover vehicles, where possible.

Any runners averaging more than 12:45 minutes/mile and unlikely to reach St. Ignatius by 1:00 PM, should plan to leave a car near St. Ignatius/Dunkin' Donuts, or near the 22 mile mark, or to arrange for a ride from there.

There are 2 runner pick-up locations on Sunday morning:

7:00 AM St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts (mile 21.4 on the Boston Marathon course), best if you are running 18 miles or more, and are not returning to the Lower Falls vicinity after the Run.

7:30 AM Town of Wellesley Municipal parking lot behind the Sunoco at Lower Falls (mile 15.9 on the Boston Marathon course), best if you are running 16 miles or less, and are not returning to the St. Ignatius/BC/Brookline area after the Run.

Snow Date: If the roads are not sufficiently clear or if the weather on Feb 28 is unacceptable, the Run from Hopkinton will be rescheduled.

Instructions for Runners:

The Run from Hopkinton is up to 22 miles, or run 2-3 miles more than your longest long run, during the current training cycle.
Let the support vehicle drivers/crew know of your plans and your condition as you run. Do not put yourself in jeopardy by trying to do too much.

HHS Runners: If you plan to run, email Coach with your intended run distance, and where you'd like to be picked up Sunday morning.  The default pick-up location is Lower Falls.

Guest Runners: If you are not an HHS member, email Coach to confirm space availability, then email your intended run distance, and where you'd like to be picked up Sunday morning, then complete the guest waiver, and mail waiver with $25 guest fee, by Monday Feb 12 to: Heartbreak Hill Striders, P.O. Box 620434, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462.
Guests of HHS members will have space available priority.

All Runner Vehicles will Depart Town of Wellesley Municipal Parking Lot behind the Sunoco at Lower Falls: 7:40 AM sharp

Group Photo at 8:15 AM at the Hopkinton gazebo.

Run Start Time from Hopkinton: 8:30 AM

Dress in highly visible gear. Labels on your gear bag, jacket, etc. are a good idea.

Gear Bag: Put it in the support vehicle that, based on your average speed, including stops, will likely be with you or behind you the whole way.

Which side of the road is best to run on:
          Hopkinton (0.0) to Natick Center (10.3) -- left side;
          Natick Center (10.3) to the Fire Station (17.4) -- right side/sidewalk;
          Fire Station (17.4) to BC (21.3) & Carriage Road; BC to 22 -- right side/sidewalk.

Marathon Pace Practice: If you wish, practice your marathon pace from Mile Mark 12 to Mile Mark 16, with Support Vehicle fluids at Mile 14 and self-serve fluids at Lower Falls (Mile ~15.9).

Instructions for Volunteers:

A Driver/Crew Meeting for all volunteers will be held on Saturday Feb 27 from 5-6 pm at the Lower Falls Dunkin Donuts.
We will review the runner list & the mechanics of the runner/fluids support schedule.

All volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.

The 4 principal Support Vehicles have these assignments:
Drivers: Time of day, mile markers/fluid stops.
Crew: Fluids, cups/trash, runner gear/bags, runner tracking.

The Rover vehicles have these assignments:
Both Rovers:
Primary Assignment is to provide transport for any injured or ailing runner to the closest medical facility.
Secondary assignment is to provide runner/fluids support for & tracking of any athletes ahead of, or behind the pace "coverage window" of the 4 primary support vehicles.

All Vehicles have the assignment of taking runners from the 22 mile mark to either the St. I's Dunkin' Donuts or to Lower Falls after the Run.

The RfH Captains (Denise and Rich) have the assignment of compiling the runner tracking information supplied by each of the other Support Vehicles, to ensure that all runners are accounted for.

Vehicle Schedules

  Lead Vehicle (2) Vehicle #2 (2-3) Vehicle #3 (3) Sweep Vehicle (13)
Honda Civic Subaru Outback Subaru Forester Rental Van
Cell Phone (Driver): 617-447-9954 347-633-2850 508-380-0824 617-893-0487
Cell Phone (Crew): 617-851-3444 514-740-4950 617-876-7997 857-636-8963
Driver: Carol Pepin Devin Malanaphy Robin Hagedorn Rich Schilder
Crew: Rachel Maltz Makayla Wahaus Denise Nolan ** Tom Wood
Pace: 7:00/mi-8:10/mile 8:10/mi-9:33/mile 9:33/mi-11:08/mile 11:08/mi-13:00/mile
  arrive leave arrive leave arrive leave arrive leave
St. I Dunkin' Donuts n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 7:00 7:15
Lower Falls 7:30 7:40 7:30 7:40 7:30 7:40 7:30 7:40
Hopkinton 8:10 8:35 8:10 8:36 8:10 8:42 8:10 8:45
2 no stop 8:41 8:49 8:47 8:53 8:50 8:58
4 8:45 8:58 8:54 9:08 8:58 9:14 9:03 9:24
6 9:03 9:17 9:13 9:27 9:19 9:37 9:29 9:50
8 9:22 9:36 9:32 9:44 9:42 9:57 9:55 10:14
11 9:44 9:54 9:51 10:07 10:04 10:24 10:21 10:53
14 10:02 10:20 10:15 10:40 10:32 11:06 11:01 11:32
18 10:30 10:57 10:50 11:22 11:16 11:50 11:42 12:24
22 11:07 to SI & LF 11:32 to SI & LF 12:00 to SI & LF 12:34 to SI & LF

Additional Rover Vehicles (2)

Front Half of Field Honda Odyssey (6) Eileen Wozek



Back Half of Field Jeep (3)

Jack Devine



Outbound to Hopkinton Vehicles (1)

Honda Odyssey (6)

John Terry








Mile Marker Locations  (click here for a map of water stop locations)

Important: Set your odometer to zero before starting from Hopkinton.

Mile 2   Ashland: former Marathon Mart on the right.
  Park in small lot (7 spaces near Rte. 135) at Waterview Lodge, 250 W. Union St., Ashland.
Mile 4   Ashland: Fitzy’s Car Wash ahead on the right, Jehovah's Witnesses Church on left
 Park: in a church driveway on the LEFT before Fitzy’s Car Wash.  Leave enough room for church attendees to   drive in/out
Mile 6   Framingham: Waverly Business Center, large empty parking lot on left.
  Park: on the left.
Mile 8   Natick: Kendall Crossing/Natick Green Condos/Deerfield Forest signs on right.
  Park: on the left at the 2nd building after  the West Natick T parking lot.
Mile 11   Natick: Town Line Liquors (Natick/Wellesley town lines).
  Park: on the left (Store is just before a hill in the road).
Mile 14   Wellesley: town tennis courts just beyond Whole Foods Market.
  Park: on the right.
Mile 16   Newton Lower Falls on the right just after a Sunoco gas station by the Charles River
  REMIND RUNNERS:  No support vehicles here but fluids are behind the stone wall.
Mile 18   Newton: intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Exeter Street.
  Park: on the left.  Intersection a half mile beyond the fire station (at fire station, take a RIGHT).
Mile 22   Chestnut Hill: intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Chestnut Hill Driveway.
  Park: on the right just beyond the cemetery.

Last Updated on Saturday, February 24, 2018