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Marathon Weekend
Club No. 87
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Club plans will be updated on a regular basis between now and April 17th.
Be sure to check here first for the latest information.

Pre-Race Dinner (Saturday, April 15th):

This year our pre-race dinner will be in the private room at PapaRazzi, 16 Washington Street, Wellesley.

We have reserved the room for the night of Saturday April 15th, and we hope that you and your families will join us for this event.

We will meet at 6:00 pm and dinner will be served at 7 pm.

Dinner will be from the buffet menu.  Click here to view that menu:

The cost will be approximately $60 per person includes tax & tip. A cash bar will be available.  Please bring a check made out to HSS for each adult.  There are also menu options for children.  Half price ($30) buffet for children and $9 from the kids menu.

Colleen Smith is coordinating plans for this dinner. Please reply to the evite or email Colleen if you plan to attend, and tell her how many guests will accompany you. She needs to give PapaRazzi a final headcount by Sunday April 9.

We'll fill the 50 spots that we have reserved at the restaurant on a first come-first served basis.

We hope that you'll be able to join us for this HHS tradition!

Transportation to Hopkinton on Marathon Morning:

Wave 1 10:00 AM Start (9 riders):
HHS will have a 15 passenger minivan, driven by Allen Downey (the HSP Shuttle Van) (phone: 781-492-1903) to take runners to Hopkinton.
6:35 AM Arrive Woodland T Station, pick up Wave 1 & 2 runners
6:45 AM Depart Woodland T station (in minivan driven by Allen Downey)
7:00 AM Depart Lower Falls parking lot (11 River Street, Wellesley MA)
9:00 AM Depart Holly's in Allen Downey's van for the Hopkinton State Park and the BAA shuttle bus to the START corrals.
9:15 AM Arrive at corrals.

Wave 2 10:25 AM Start (10 riders):
HHS will have a 7-passenger Acura SUV, driven by Dave Candeias (phone: 774-254-1233) to take runners to Hopkinton.
6:45 AM Arrive Lower Falls parking lot
7:00 AM Depart Lower Falls parking lot (11 River Street, Wellesley MA)
9:25 AM Depart Holly's in Allen Downey's van for the Hopkinton State Park and the BAA shuttle bus to the START corrals.
9:40 AM Arrive at corrals.

Wave 3 10:50 AM Start (5 riders):
HHS will have a 15 passenger rental van, driven by Mike Gorman (Standby/Wave 4 HSP Van) (phone: 781-364-4466) to take runners to Hopkinton.
7:25 AM Arrive Woodland T station, pick up Wave 3 & 4 runners
7:35 AM Depart Woodland T station (in 15 Passenger Rental Van driven by Mike Gorman)
7:50 AM Depart Lower Falls (11 River Street, Wellesley MA)
9:50 AM Depart Holly's in Allen Downey's van for the Hopkinton State Park and the BAA shuttle bus to the START corrals.
10:05 AM Arrive at corrals.

Wave 4 11:15 AM Start (12 riders):
HHS will have a 15 passenger van, driven by Liam Malanaphy (Boston/Bag Van) (phone: 646-842-0892) to take runners from Lower Falls to Hopkinton.
7:30 AM Arrive Lower Falls
7:50 AM Depart Lower Falls (11 River Street, Wellesley, MA
10:15 AM Depart Holly's in
Allen Downey's and Mike Gorman's vans for the Hopkinton State Park and the BAA shuttle bus to the START corrals.
10:30 AM Arrive at

We will meet at the Lower Falls municipal parking lot behind the Sunoco station on Route 16 in Wellesley per the schedule shown above.  The Sunoco station is approximately 4/10ths of a mile west of Rte.128 (Exit 21).   It is on the left just after the "Entering Wellesley" sign.  Take the left (River St.) just before the station and then a quick right into the parking lot just beyond the Riverview Cafe.

For those who wish to leave their cars at the Woodland T Station in Newton:  One of our vehicles will pick up runners there promptly at either 6:40 am (Waves 1 & 2) or 7:30 am (Waves 3 & 4) and will transport them to the municipal parking lot in Wellesley.  Please be sure to let us know if you plan to be at Woodland!

Vehicles will depart for Hopkinton at the times shown.  We regret that transportation can only be provided to those who are on our pre-approved list (i.e., no surprises on marathon morning!).  Current runners on that list are:





Duncan Roberts

Sally Dupere


Elizabeth Pittaway-Burnell

Sydney Striders


Ernst Terhaar


Kyle Pond

Sally Dupere


Chuck Mullane

Spencer Farrar


Rey Martinez

Liam Malanaphy


Keith Hong

Sydney Striders


Scott Hannan ###

Spencer Farrar


Garth Altenburg

Sally Dupere





Mark Fiore

Sydney Striders


Spencer Farrar


Matt Constable

Sydney Striders


Lee Milne

Chris Milne


Jian Wang


Jenny May ###

Spencer Farrar


Juergen Mueller ###

Rich Maltz


Sally Dupere


Phil Stern ###

Sally Dupere


Jim Carroll





Lisa Stone

Liam Malanaphy


Iaen Paul ***

Sydney Striders


Amy Cheung

Sydney Striders


Kerry Crowley ***

Sydney Striders


Errol Yudelman


Andrea Walker ###

Spencer Farrar


Lisa Morrissey

Marlene O'Donnell





Kim Chase

Marlene O'Donnell


Mary Jane O'Donnell

Marlene O'Donnell


Chuck Hagedorn *** +++



Katie Hagedorn *** +++


Ryan Pace


Abby Steele *** +++


Brian Miller


Rachel Maltz


Mike Amster ###


Marlene O'Donnell


Richard Maltz


Holly Kee

Dreamfar/Rich Maltz


Christine Beylerian ###

Dreamfar/Rich Maltz


Barbara McGovern *** +++


Tim O'Brien ***

Sally Dupere


Robert Brier

Dreamfar/Rich Maltz


Karen Van Kleeck ###

Dreamfar/Rich Maltz


Kaitlyn Butler *** +++

Total Runners = 44 (17 HHS, 27 Guests)

*** = Does not require transportation to Hopkinton (8)

### = To be picked up at Woodland T-Station:
5 (Hannan, May, Mullane, Stern & Mueller) from Waves 1-2; 4 (Walker, Amster, Beylerian & Van Kleeck) from Waves 3-4

+++ = Not coming to HHS Recovery Center (5)

Note:  There is a $95 charge for guests to help to defray the cost of the rental vans and other marathon weekend expenses.  Guests must sign a copy of the HHS guest waiver form (click here for a copy).  Guests receive transport from Woodland/Lower Falls to Hopkinton, indoor accommodations in Hopkinton, runner bag transport to Boston, indoor recovery center in Boston (one block from the family meeting area), massage, shower, changing facilities, post-race food and drink, and a ride back to Woodland/Lower Falls.

A signed copy of the event waiver and a check for $95 must be received by Coach Carroll or postmarked by Saturday, April 1 and sent to:

The Heartbreak Hill Striders
P. O. Box 620434
Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462

Pre-Race Facilities in Hopkinton:

Again this year Holly Schenker has graciously offered the use of her home in Hopkinton to our runners.

Holly's house is approximately three miles from the starting line just west of Route 85.

Transportation for the first (Red) wave of runners (those starting at 10:00 am) will leave Holly's at 9:00 am.  Transportation for those in the second (White) wave (those starting at 10:25) will leave Holly's at 9:25 am. Transportation for those in the third (Blue) wave (those starting at 10:50) will leave Holly's at 9:50 am.  And transportation for those in the fourth (Yellow) wave (those starting at 11:15) will leave Holly's at 10:15 am. All runners will be transported to the Hopkinton State Park Shuttle Bus.
Runners are responsible for bringing their own food and drinks with them to Hopkinton.   Runners should also be sure to bring some throwaway clothes items and rain gear in case of cold and/or inclement weather. Holly's house is limited strictly to those individuals on our pre-approved list. Runners are not encouraged to drive themselves there.

Club Singlets & T-shirts:

So that we can easily spot you along the marathon route, please be sure to wear your club singlet or T-shirt.

Baggage Transportation:

Runners' bags will be transported in one of the vans to our race recovery center in Boston.  Be sure that your bag is clearly marked with your name and bib tear-off.  Also be sure to bring some throw-away clothing to keep you warm in the starting corrals.   

IMPORTANT!: Please do not store any valuables in your bag
(baggage may be left unattended for a period of time). 

The baggage van will leave Hopkinton for the trip to Boston after all runners have left Holly's house for the Hopkinton Start Line Corrals.

Post-Race Recovery Area:

Reebok Cross Fit Back Bay at 209 Columbus Avenue has again graciously offered us the use of their facilities as our post-race Recovery Center.

All recovery center activities will be managed this year by Denise Nolan and tbd.

The contact phone numbers for the Recovery Center are 617-876-7997 and tbd.

The finish line medical staff will be managed by Gary Blair MD (339-222-8837)

Plenty of shower facilities are available (please bring your own towel).  Light food and drinks will be provided. We also have arranged for 3 therapists who will be providing massages from 1:15 pm to 5:30 pm.  For HHS members, massage fee is $15 if prepaid or $20 on raceday.  Please bring cash or a check made out to HHS and give it to one of the HHS Massage Coordinators.

Family and friends are welcome to join us at the recovery center.

If you decide to drop out of the race or decide not to come to the recovery center, please call the contact number above so that we will know what happened to you.

We will have a list of all runners and will be checking you in as you arrive.  So if you do not arrive or call, we will be worried about you!  Please feel free to give this phone number to your friends and family should they want to call the recovery center to see if you have arrived yet.




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