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Phidippides Award
Club No. 87
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The Phidippides Award will be presented at the Annual Holiday Party in December to members who earn the required points. The total number of points required to earn the award is based on your age.

Eligibility for Phidippides Award


Points Required

Under 40










Members earn points by racing and/or volunteering during the club year (November 1, 2015 through October 31, 2016). The number of points earned is based on the length of the race.

Earning Points for the Phidippides Award

Points Earned

Running Event



Running up to 5K


Running over 5K to 15K

Sprint Distance


Running over 15K to 30K

Olympic Distance


Running over 30K to 42.195K (Marathon)

Half Ironman Distance


Running over 42.195K

Ironman Distance

Points Earned

Volunteering Event


Volunteering (general)


Volunteering as captain at any event, or certain full day volunteer assignments at MWRR, Boston Marathon, HHS Run from Hopkinton or other events.

In addition to earning the total points required, members must earn a portion of the required points from competing in at least 5 of the events listed in the 2016 HHS Race Series.

As a special incentive to encourage members to participate in new running disciplines all trail, mountain, cross-country, indoor track and outdoor track events will count as double points. In other words, a 5K race at an outdoor track event (rather than a road race) will be 2 points rather than 1 point. Please ask if you are unsure of how many points a particular events will count for.

New Members

Members who join HHS during the course of the club year may count races entered prior to joining towards their required points. In addition, the HHS race series requirement is modified as follows:

  • Joined Nov 1 to Jan 31: 5 HHS series races
  • Joined Feb 1 to April 30: 4 HHS series races
  • Joined May 1 to July 31: 3 HHS series races
  • Joined Aug 1 to Oct 31: 2 HHS series races

Administrative Notes

For each event that you compete in, you must provide your results to Rich Schilder to be posted on the club website. Races that are not posted will not count towards the award. For each event that you volunteer at, you must confirm that Jack Devine has listed your participation.

Prior to the Annual Holiday Party, the Board of Directors will circulate a standardized form for members to complete if the member believes he/she has accumulated the required points. The members submission will be validated against the lists noted above.


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